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No, Don't 'Take the Fight' to the Houthis

A War on Journalists

'Another Night of Killing and Massacres' in Gaza

The Path of Least Resistance Leads to Hell

The Costs of U.S. 'Leadership'

Offering Unconditional Support Is Always a Mistake

Sounding the Alarm on the Starvation of Gaza

The Humanitarian Nightmare in Gaza

The Pitfalls of Being a Client's 'Best Friend'

Israel Is Killing Gazans with Hunger

The Backlash Against Biden Makes Perfect Sense

Our Rotten Foreign Policy Status Quo

Biden's Failed Cuba Policy

'Staying the Course' In an Unwinnable War Is Folly

The Bankruptcy of U.S. 'Leadership'

Israel's War Crimes and Biden's 'Unusually Strong Language'

'The Hunger War Has Started'

Another Shameful U.S. Veto at the United Nations

The Devastation of Gaza

Famine Stalks the People of Gaza

Most Americans Support a Permanent Ceasefire

Israel's 'Mass Assassination Factory'

The Biden Administration's Hollow 'Warnings'

Biden's Foreign Policy Is Dragging Him Down

Henry Kissinger, War Criminal, Dead at 100

Tom Cotton's Vicious and Despicable Rhetoric

The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Is Catastrophic

A War on the Civilians of Gaza

Biden and the Myth of America as the 'Essential Nation'

The 'New Cold War' Is Just Another Excuse for More of the Same Militarism

A Truce Is Not Enough

The Starvation of Gaza Is a Crime

An Old Hawk Yells At Cloud

The 'Rules-Based Order' In Action

Gaza and Biden's Failure of Leadership

Another Gratuitous Biden 'Gaffe'

Support for Going to War over Taiwan Remains Tepid

Overstretch Hastens Decline

The High Price of Indulging Bad Clients

So Much for American 'Leadership'

The People of Gaza Need a Ceasefire Now

A Pointless Debate

The Soleimani Assassination Really Was Stupid and Reckless

Regime Change Is Not the Answer

U.S. Power Is Not the Cure for Global Disorder

Hawks Try and Fail to Make the War in Gaza All About Iran

A 'No Daylight' Policy with Clients Always Fails

The Stupid Lies That Hawks Tell

There Must Be a Ceasefire in Gaza Now

The Backlash Against Biden on Gaza

Unrealistic War Aims and a 'Deluded' Zelensky

'Job Creation' Is a Bad Reason to Support a War

Semafor's Sloppy Propaganda Piece on Yemen

Never Listen to Iran Hawks

U.S. Officials Are Falling Prey to Their Own Threat Inflation

How to Avert a Debacle in East Asia

A Ridiculous Domino Theory

Most Americans Don't Want the U.S. to Send More Weapons Into the World

Gaza and the Dissent Channel

The Two-Tiered 'Global Order'

The Cost of Blindly Supporting Clients

A Shameful U.S. Veto at the United Nations

Biden's Visit Sends the Wrong Message

The Biden Administration Is Aiding and Abetting War Crimes

Israel's Evacuation Order Is a Prelude to Disaster

The U.S. Reneges On Another Deal

The U.S. Can and Should Extricate Itself from the Middle East

Biden Shouldn't Give Israel a Blank Check

International Order and the Fiction of the Pax Americana

Beware of the WSJ's Irresponsible Reporting

Trump and the Non-existent 'Shift Toward Anti-Interventionism' in the GOP

The Pitfalls of Biden's Partnership Proliferation

The Bankruptcy of 'Hegemonic Engagement'

Hawks Need a Better 'Better Case' for Ukraine

U.S. 'Leadership' Isn't Necessary or Desirable

China Rivalry Is Used to Justify Everything

Who Are You Calling a 'Non-Internationalist'?

Conventional Hawks Still Don't Understand That Trump Is On Their Side

No One Can Be Trusted with Sole Authority Over Nuclear Weapons

Don't Listen to the Hawkish Doomsayers

U.S. Foreign Policy Will Be Better Off Without Menendez

A Mutual Defense Treaty with the Saudis Is Absolutely Unacceptable

The Candidates' China Obsession

The U.S. Should Stand with Canada

The U.S. Could Build on the Prisoner Exchange Deal, But It Won't

Blinken's Unconvincing Defense of the 'Mega-Deal'

Don't Be Distracted by Alarmism Over a Diversionary War

Good Riddance to Romney

Loose Cartel War Talk Is No Laughing Matter

Ukraine's Counteroffensive and Western Support

The Colombia 'Model' and the Shamelessness of Interventionists

Ignore the Threat Inflation About Chinese Overseas Bases

So Much for 'ASEAN Centrality'

Outside Intervention in Haiti Still Makes No Sense

Ramaswamy's Serious Realist Critics

Don't Buy Into the Weird Nostalgia for McCain

The Libyan Backlash and Biden's Weird Fixation on Normalization Deals

Don't Let the Saudis Off the Hook for the Migrant Massacres

The Extremely Narrow China Debate in the GOP

A Lot of Nixon's Foreign Policy Was Terrible

There's Nothing 'Pragmatic' About Backing Oppressive Juntas

The Dreadful Foreign Policy Continuity Between Trump and Biden

Haley Still Thinks It's 2004

Rivalry Is a (Bad) Choice

Ramaswamy's Jumbled, Hawkish Foreign Policy

It's Time to End the Toxic U.S.-Saudi Relationship

Economic Warfare Is Cruel and Useless

Camp David and the 'Military-First' Approach to Asia

Biden Is Building on Shaky Foundations in East Asia

DeSantis Wants to Remind Us That He Is a Hardliner

'Shaming' China Into Talking About Arms Control Won't Work

Iran Hawks Are Terrified When Diplomacy Works

A Deal Only the 'Blob' Could Love

Stop Calling the UAE an 'Ally'

Biden's Push for a Bizarre, Bad Deal Continues

Biden and America's Bad, Unreliable Clients

Mead's Dishonest Polemic

Hawks Love to Whine About the Consequences of Their Own Policies

The Wages of Fueling Militarism

A Negotiated End Is Preferable to a Prolonged War

Don't Put U.S. Sailors and Marines on Commercial Ships

The Biden Administration's Unbalanced Approach to the Junta in Burkina Faso

Biden Should Not Pursue Saudi-Israeli Normalization

Unfortunately, Truman Is Not 'Neglected' or Forgotten

The Alternative to Washington's Bankrupt North Korea Policy

Hawks Learn the Wrong Lessons from the Korean War

The Futility of 'Shows of Strength' Against North Korea

The 'Rules-Based Order' vs. International Law

Biden's Iran Policy Is an Echo of Trump's

The Insanity of the Venezuela Hawks

The Pitfalls of a Trilateral Anti-China Pact

The Zombie Foreign Policy Consensus Shambles On

The Vilnius Summit Repeats the Mistakes of the Past

The U.S. Needs to Take Off the Cold War Blinders

Some Weapons Should Never Be Used

The Republican Hawkish Civil War and Our Warped Foreign Policy Debates

There Aren't Many States That Want to Join the 'Empire'

Biden's Cluster Munitions Blunder

Haass and the 'Real Danger' to the Security of the World

The Evils of Foreign Policy Bipartisanship

The Truly Pointless Economic War on Iran

The Dead End of Pursuing Dominance

Stop the Economic War on Afghanistan

Haley and the Debilitating Obsession with 'Strength'

Remembering Pompeo's Cruel Foreign Policy Record

DeSantis and America's Intervention Addiction

The Toxic Effect of U.S.-China Rivalry

Impoverishing Innocent People in Latin America Doesn't Hurt China

End the Senseless Economic War on Venezuela

Biden Keeps Trying to Have It Both Ways on China Policy

A Containment Policy By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Foolish

Human Rights and Washington's Corrupting Client Relationships

Haley's Neo-Imperialism and 'Chinese Influence'

The Dangers of Exaggerating the Stakes in War

Gallagher's Zombie Militarism

Western Coverage of the Nuclear Issue Is Deeply Flawed

The Scaredy-Hawks Strike Again

Strategic Ambiguity Still Works, So There Is No Need to Replace It

Europeans Want to Stay Neutral in a U.S.-China War

A Far-Fetched Goal for China Policy

Adapting to a Multipolar World

The U.S. Should Avoid an 'Epic Clash Over Eurasia'

DeSantis' China Hardliners

The American Way of Dodging Accountability

DeSantis' Warped Understanding of the Monroe Doctrine

U.S. China Containment Policy Is Self-Defeating

The Brain-Dead U.S. Sanctions Policies in Venezuela and Syria

The Insanity of Broad Sanctions

So Much for That 'Thaw' with China

Breaking With an Outdated Status Quo

Bernard-Henri Lévy's Latest Silly Intervention

Beware of the Reagan Hagiographers

Sanctions Impede Diplomacy (Again)

Great Power Rivalry Makes Us Stupid

The Distortions of Hawkish Groupthink on China

To Avoid a New Cold War, Abandon Containment

Maybe Neglecting Latin America Isn't Such a Bad Thing

The Evils of Economic War

The Deep Dishonesty of Iran Hawks

The Big Lie About Broad Sanctions

The Pitfalls of a Primary Challenge Against Biden

The Wrecking of the Nuclear Deal

What Will 2024 Hold for U.S.-China Relations?

Hawks Are Outsiders in the GOP? Tell Me Another One

Fighting Nonexistent Threats

DeSantis' Underwhelming Global Tour

The Limits of U.S.-India Partnership

How Big Will the Foreign Policy Differences Be in 2024?

There Is No Case for South Korean Nuclear Weapons

The Endless Allied Need for Reassurance

More Nukes Are Not the Answer

Wargame Propaganda

How Do We Break the Interventionist Habit?

U.S. Arrogance and the 'Fence-Sitters'

Don't Look to Militarists for an Antiwar Foreign Policy

Don't Let Kagame Off the Hook for His Destructive Meddling

An Unnecessary Containment Policy

Brazil and 'Our Enemies'

A Mindless 'Strategy' of More Militarism for Its Own Sake

Avoiding War with China

The Perilous Path of Trying to Keep China Down

Why Macron Infuriates the Hawks

No, Obama Didn't 'Kill' Nonproliferation

Clinton's Lazy Revisionism on Ukraine and Nukes

Republicans Rally Behind the Stupidest Possible War

Are We Resigned to Broad Sanctions Forever?

Containment Is a Choice

No More Democracy Summits

AUKUS Doesn't Make Sense

Major Power Rivalries Are Dead Ends

Biden's Lackluster Diplomatic Record

Reject Regime Change Once and For All

We Do Not Have a 'Short War Obsession'

Get U.S. Troops Out of Syria Now

The Lies That Hawks Tell

China and 'Our African Friends'

Yellen's Acknowledgment of Sanctions Failure

No, Iran Is Not Pursuing a Nuclear Weapons Program

DeSantis and the Hawkish Thought Police

The Iraq War Exposed Our Rotten System

Abandon the Pursuit of Primacy Before It's Too Late

The Trouble with AUKUS

The Dead End of Reagan Idolatry

Where Is the 'Iraq Syndrome' When We Need It?

Constructive Diplomacy Isn't Possible When We Are Demanding Capitulation

DeSantis' Slippery Ukraine Maneuvering

What Are the Limits of the U.S.-Israel Relationship?

The Limited Education of an Imperialist

The Legacy of an Evil War

The Bankrupt Alternatives to the Nuclear Deal

It's Time to Stop Enabling Allied Dependence

No Nukes for Ukraine

Iran and Our Rotten Foreign Policy Debates

Attacking the Cartels Will Achieve Nothing

The Future Is Bleak If China Hardliners Get Their Way

Starting a War Is Not Using Force as a 'Last Resort'

Another Stupid Hawkish Panic About Iranian Ships

Détente Requires Accommodation

The Lies Paving the Way for War with Iran

The Imperialism of 'Maximum Pressure' in Venezuela

DeSantis' 'Anything But Biden' Foreign Policy

How Sanctions Make Everything Worse

The Perils of Marching in 'Lockstep' with Clients

Taking All the Wrong Turns on North Korea

Aggressors Aren't Seeking to Do the 'Right Thing'

Haley 2024: 'New' Leadership, Bankrupt Ideas

What Does 'Challenging the U.S.' Mean?

The First Rule of Broad Sanctions: Don't Use Them

The Balloon Panic and the Wages of Threat Inflation

The Toxic Effects of Great Power 'Competition'

Biden Steers Clear of Foreign Policy

Beware of 'Rough Nationalists'

Most Americans Support Sanctions Relief

The 'Peace President' Lie

The Never-ending Sanctions Story

The Coming Demise of Arms Control?

Vance's Weak and Misleading Foreign Policy Case for Trump

Israel Attacks Iran (Again)

Don't Let the Architects of the Iraq War Off the Hook

Another Baseless 'Prediction' About War with China

Dressing Up Threats of Aggression as 'Deterrence'

Bolton's Big Error on China and North Korea

A McCarthy Taiwan Visit Would Be Another Provocative Blunder

No, Really, NATO Can't Expel Turkey

The Confirmation Process Is Broken

The Uses and Abuses of Strategic Empathy

More NATO Expansion Still Makes No Sense

The Economic Warfare Body Count

The Iraq Debacle Twenty Years Later

Learning the Lessons of Failure in Venezuela

The Incorrigible Ideologues of Empire

Remembering How Close We Came to Disaster with North Korea

DeSantis and Regime Change

Getting the U.S. Intervention Addiction Under Control

Beware the Hawkish Consensus on China

Remembering the Kabul Drone Strike

The Cure for Overstretch Is Reduced Ambition

The U.S. Should Not Be in the Business of Regime Change

The Shallow Hawkishness of Tom Cotton

Facing the Failure of Our Cruel Venezuela Policy