Naturally, the administration’s answer to this is to do more of the same while expecting a different result.
There is really no excuse at this point for scholars and analysts to make this mistake about Iran’s nuclear program.
DeSantis’ dissent-that-isn’t-really-dissent on Ukraine has brought out the hawkish ideological enforcers like almost nothing else in the last few years.
The rot has not gone anywhere in the twenty years since the invasion, and in many respects it has spread.
Even though the pursuit of primacy keeps leading the U.S. into one ditch after another, the pursuit continues because its supporters cannot imagine…
An arrangement that is meant to solidify the alliance with the U.S. could very well end up straining and damaging it a decade or two from now.
The weird idolatry around Reagan is so tiresome and boring.
No core assumptions have been seriously reexamined, and contrary to the mythology that hardliners like to promote there has been no meaningful…
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