Sitemap - 2021 - Eunomia

The Delusions That Created the Ukraine Crisis

Choking the Afghan People to Death

Hawkish Ideologues and the Risk-Averse Authoritarians

A 'Preventive' Attack That Would Prevent Nothing

Biden's Stagnant Venezuela Policy Has to Change

Fighting for Ukraine Is a Losing Proposition

Warmongering Does Not Support Diplomacy

When the 'Credibility' Hawks Attack

The Repeated Failure of Sanctions

The Folly of Leaving the ABM Treaty, 20 Years Later

'Competition' with China Will Be Bad for Democracy Here and Around the World

How the Times Sows Confusion About the Nuclear Issue with Sloppy Reporting

American Public Opinion and 'Overseas Militarism'

Threat Inflation Fuels Support for Preventive War

A Possible Solution to the Ukraine Crisis

Biden's Pointless 'Global Posture Review'

Illegal Attacks on Iranians Won't End the Impasse

The 'Defense of Smaller Powers' Is a Recipe for Unnecessary War

More Coercion Provokes More Destabilizing Behavior

The Nuclear Deal Can Still Be Saved

The Dangers of Mythologizing War

Regime Change and Acknowledging Failed Policies

McGurk's Dangerous Overconfidence in Military Action

Stop Talking About an 'Unwavering' Commitment That Doesn't Exist

Killing Russians for Taiwan? What?

The Bankruptcy of Coercive Policies

Mead's Conspiracy Theorizing

'Strategic Clarity' Is Clearly Irresponsible

Why Hawks Keep Getting Russia Wrong

'Strategic Clarity' and the Free-Rider Problem

Haass' 'Tacit Diplomacy' Is Just a Smokescreen for Starting a War

Starving Millions for 'Leverage' Is Evil

An Uncompromising Russia Policy Invites Hostility

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Lingering Costs of War

Don't They Know There's a War On?

McMaster's Imperial Policing Without End

Ukraine and the Bankruptcy of Republican Foreign Policy

Biden Caves to the Saudis

Iran Hawks' Disingenuous Interest in a Treaty with Iran

Cotton's Risible Hard-line Ideas for Russia Policy

Churchill and the Atrocity of Famine

Toxic Partisanship and Foreign Policy Consensus

The Arms Sales and Apartheid Accords

China Hawks Want to Play an Exceptionally Dangerous Game of Chicken

Dune and the Search for More Money

Pence's Despicable Shilling for the MEK

Threatening Illegal War Does Not Lead to Peace

Get U.S. Troops Out of Syria Now

The Whiny Fearmongering of Hard-liners

What We Talk About When We Talk About the 'Blob'

An Alliance with India Is a Bad Idea

Dressing Up Unprovoked Aggression as 'Plan B'

Intervention in Haiti Is Still the Wrong Answer

Taiwan and U.S. Alliances

Haley's Ridiculous Demand to Escalate Economic War Against Iran and China

The Dangerous Wishful Thinking of Regime Changers

The Iraq War and Powell's Legacy

Shut the Door on NATO Expansion

Iran Hawks Have Always Wanted War

You Might Be a Blobster If...

The Core of the Debate Over 'Strategic Clarity'

Just Say No to an AUMF for Taiwan

Misjudging the Balance of Interests in Taiwan

Threat Inflation Run Amok

The Sadism of Sanctions Advocates

A Security Pact with the UAE Would Be an Outrage

'Other Avenues' Besides Diplomacy with Iran Are All Dead Ends

Much Ado About ADIZ

Ted Cruz and the Destructive Sanctions Addiction

The Rise of the Jeffersonians

Is There a 'New Paradigm' in U.S. Foreign Policy?

Breaking the Nation-Building Habit

The Astroturf Erbil Conference

Congress Continues to Shirk Its Duty on the War in Syria

A Win for Antiwar Activists on Yemen

There Is No Substitute for Salvaging the Nuclear Deal

AUKUS and America's 'Hammer Dilemma' in Asia

The U.S. Is Still at War Whether Biden Admits It or Not

The Costs of Illegal Assassinations

A 'Blob' By Any Other Name

Looking for Responsible Realism on China

The Weird Surge of Hawkishness over Ukraine

Josh Hawley, Clownish Menace

Did China Really Think the U.S. Was Going to Attack?

A Dangerous Fixation on Denuclearization

'Global Nationalists' Have Already Failed

Watch Out for 'Blobaganda'

Reject the Myths of Empire

Do Authoritarian States 'Nation-Build'?

Breaking Out of the Interventionist Cycle

Attacking Iran Would Be Wrong and a Disaster for Nonproliferation

Debating the Stupidity of War

The Poor, Put-Upon Foreign Policy Establishment

Putting a Stop to the 'Relentless Military Adventurism'

The U.S. Is in No Danger of 'Under-reaching' in Foreign Policy

Is Our Foreign Policy Establishment Learning?

Asking the Wrong Questions About War

Biden Continues the War on Terror Beyond Afghanistan

The Case Against Congressional Meddling in Diplomacy

The Dishonest Case for Staying in Afghanistan

Graham's Dangerous Proposal for Afghanistan

NATO's 'Debacle' or Laschet's Clumsy Desperation?

In Matters of War, Congress Is Worse Than Useless

Bennett's Visit and the Nuclear Deal

Going to War Over Taiwan and the 'Gas Tank of Will'

An 'Extraordinary' Relationship with Ukraine Makes No Sense

'Reassuring' Allies and Clients Breeds Dependency

Biden's Weird Syria Lie

The Forever War Goes to Congo

This Is What We Mean When We Talk About the 'Blob'

Can We Learn Not to Meddle in the Conflicts of Other Nations?

Cultivating Dependent Clients Is a Recipe for Failure

Biden Should Now End the Other Endless Wars

Drawing Lessons from Afghanistan

Biden's Prudent Decision to Withdraw from Afghanistan

The Bad Faith Hawkish Credibility Argument Just Won't Die

The Fear of a Non-Existent Iranian Nuke

Cruz's Jihad Against Nord Stream 2

The Case for the Nuclear Deal Is Still Very Strong

Why Using the Right Names for Things Matters

End the Illegal U.S. Military Presence in Syria

Biden's Bankrupt Cuba Policy

Why Do We Fight? Don't Ask

Don't Condition Military Aid to Reckless Clients. Just Cut It Off

'Splitting' Russia and China Is Harder Than It Looks

The Moral Bankruptcy of the Iran Hawks

Don't Look to Colombia to Bring 'Order' to the Region

A Tale of Two Endless Wars

Answering a Misguided Polemic Against Restraint

Occupations and Double Standards

How Misinformation Poisons the Iran Debate

Rubio's Dimwitted Trolling and the State of the Republican Party

It's Good to End a War of Choice

Stop Looking for Reasons to Clash with Iran

Haitians Don't Want What the Interventionists Are Selling

The Nord Stream 2 Panic and Biden's 'Capitulation'

'Maximum Pressure' Is Malicious and So Are Its Supporters

Cruz's Destructive Pipeline Grandstanding

Aiding and Abetting Illegal Aggression

The Absurd Ben & Jerry's Panic Is No Laughing Matter

'Strategic Clarity' Is Just As Crazy As Ever

Tighter Sanctions on Iran Are a Dead End

On Cuba, Biden Should Follow George H.W. Bush's Example

Trump and the GOP's Fanaticism on Iran

Foreign Policy Is Not a Game

The Cuban Protests and Foreign Policy 'Green Lanternism'

The Insane Idea of Attacking Cuba

Imperial Policing and the 'Will to Act' as a Hegemon

Listen to the Haitians Opposed to Outside Intervention

Has Biden Botched Diplomacy with Iran?

China Hawks Hear What They Want to Hear

Do Not Intervene in Haiti

So Much for Treating Saudi Arabia as a 'Pariah'

Biden's Irrational Reprisals in Iraq and Syria

American Exceptionalism and 'After the Apocalypse'

A Thoroughly Misleading Article on Iran and the Nuclear Deal

Go Not Abroad in Search of Monsters to Unite the Country

The Lives of Hannibal and Theodore

The Problem with the 'Contest with Autocrats'

The 'Quad' Can't Succeed

Talking Past Each Other on Taiwan

Restraint Is Rehab for a Conflict-Addicted Hegemon

U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Doesn't Matter to Our Asian Allies

The Imperialist's Lie

Pompeo's Disgraceful Fanaticism

2002 AUMF Repeal Would Be a Good Start

Our Collective Punishment of Venezuelans Must Cease

The Use and Abuse of Foreign Policy Public Opinion Polling

'Maximum Pressure' Has Helped to Make Iran More Authoritarian

A Missed Opportunity in Geneva

There Is No 'Imminent Threat' from Russia

You Can't 'Win' If You Set Impossible Goals

The Iranian Ship Panic and the 'Rules-Based Order'

Salvage the Nuclear Deal First

'Gifts' for Putin

No More Telegrams

A MAP That Would Lead Us to Catastrophe

Getting Justice for the Victims of War Crimes

Stabilizing U.S.-Russian Relations at Geneva

Ukraine Keeps Chasing the NATO Will-o'-the-Wisp

Setting Up a Summit for Failure

Ignore the Fake Treaty Fetishists

Menendez and Graham's Disingenuous Call for a 'Better Deal'

Hijacking the Name of 'Restraint'

The Scaredy-Hawks

The Simplistic Worldview of Russia Hawks

Committing War Crimes with 'Precision'

Flynn's Dangerous Coup Talk

A Silly Article and Our Warped Iran Debate

Reflexive Hostility Is Not 'More Principled' Than Engagement

Close the Door on NATO Expansion

The Facts About the Nuclear Deal

Summits Aren't Rewards, and Putin Isn't Omnipotent

When the 'Most Reliable Ally' Is Neither an Ally Nor Reliable

Biden's North Korea Policy Is Adrift

The Bankruptcy of the Conventional 'Pro-Israel' Position

Most Ukrainians Want Neutrality, So Forget About Making an Alliance

The 'Two-State Solution' Isn't the Answer to Anything

What to Expect from the Biden-Moon Summit

The AP Caves to a Sleazy 'Pro-Israel' Smear Campaign

What Would a Green German Foreign Policy Look Like?

How Biden Is Repeating Obama's Yemen Errors in Gaza

Biden Enables More War Crimes in Palestine

Courting Conflict with Russia Invites Catastrophe

Biden Gives Netanyahu Free Rein

Dismissing Dissent By Calling It a 'Myth'

Iran Hawks Remind Us That They Hate Diplomacy No Matter What

No, China Is Not an 'Existential Threat'

Biden's Failure of Leadership on Palestine

The 'Self-Defense' Mantra Is a Green Light for War Crimes

Biden's Early Foreign Policy Fumbles

Stop Strangling Venezuela

How Can Iran 'Re-Enter' an Agreement That It Never Left?

Hawkish Moralizing and U.S. Foreign Policy

Don't Listen to the Fearmongering of the Iran Hawks

So Much for the 'Rules-Based Order'

Who's an Ally?

A 'Longer and Stronger' Deal with Iran Isn't Happening, So Stop Talking About It

A Shameful Decision on Western Sahara

Stop Lumping Iran and North Korea Together

A U.S.-Russia Summit Is an Opportunity for Constructive Engagement

A Hawkish Legion of Doom

The Stupid Manufactured Zarif/Kerry Controversy

The Russians Aren't Coming

The Magical Thinking of Credibility Hawks

What the False Alarm at Dimona Tells Us

Citizen Pompeo's Desperate Bid to Remain Relevant

A Long Overdue Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Biden Is Dropping the Ball on Yemen

The Stupidity of Fighting a War to Prove a Dead Man Wrong

Diplomacy Horrifies the Russia Hawks

The GOP's 'Clear Voice' of Deranged Warmongering

Afghanistan and the Bankrupt 'Credibility' Argument

Don't Arm War Criminals

Mead's Dark and Stormy Night

Iran Hawks Want a Permanent Pressure Campaign

Laschet vs. Söder

Wrong Is Right About Rwanda

Waging Economic War on An Ally Repeats Trump's Errors

Delaying Withdrawal from Afghanistan Is a Mistake

Refusing to Rejoin the Open Skies Treaty Is Folly

Biden Wanders Into a Minefield

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of the 'Authoritarian Axis'

Breaking the Sanctions Addiction

Beyond the Longest Telegram

The China-Iran Deal Is Not the Start of a New 'Axis'

Cold Wars of Choice

The Pernicious Effects of Threat Inflation

'Containing' Iran Makes No Sense

Learning from the Anti-Imperialists of Old

Biden's Flailing on the Nuclear Deal Has to Stop

Biden Picks a Pointless Fight with Russia

Taiwan, Treaties, and Credibility

Who's Afraid of Scottish Independence?

A Smart Report on Russia and a Ridiculous Denunciation

McMaster's Blinding Contempt for Adversaries

The U.S. Is Starving Venezuelans In the Name of Democracy

Reining In Our Illegal and Unnecessary Warfare

Moving On

Never Ever Listen to Iran Hawks