If refraining from imposing sanctions on an ally is now considered an example of harming the national interest, words really have no meaning.
Sanctions relief benefits the people first and foremost because they are the ones that suffer most from the sanctions.
Like everything else he does, this is just self-serving grandstanding that will do nothing but harm U.S. interests.
Ross calls this “deterring” Iran, but what he is describing is enabling criminal aggression by one state against another.
It is part of a chilling campaign to stifle free speech here in the U.S. and to delegitimize all protest of Israel’s illegal occupation.
Making an explicit security commitment to Taiwan would not deter a Chinese attack. It would practically guarantee one.
Three years of “maximum pressure” did not compel Iran to do what the U.S. wanted, so it is bizarre that the Biden administration thinks that tighter sa…
As a general rule, the elder Bush kept his mouth shut.
As long as the GOP remains in thrall to such fanaticism with respect to Iran, U.S. policy is bound to veer from limited engagement to relentless hostil…
America has often been at its most dangerous and destructive when it has had supreme confidence in itself and its role in the world.
Because the U.S. has almost no influence in Cuba by choice, there is very little that our government can do there now.
There is no pretense here that the United States would be defending itself, so it would be out-and-out aggression against a small, neighboring country.