As Speaker, she ought to travel to the poorest rural areas and inner cities and "show support" for them. That she doesn't speaks volumes to whom she serves.

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Jul 22, 2022·edited Jul 22, 2022

Pelosi's idea to visit Taiwan seems to be as well thought out as were her efforts to invite people to come to San Francisco in early 2020 to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

(And as well thought out as her current call to declare Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism.)

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Of course this is a gratuitous poke in the eye of China.

This is entirely intentional.

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There was never any reason to abandon the strategic ambiguity policy. It served the interests of all parties involved: Taiwan got to retain its de facto independence, the US was able to maintain Taiwan's de facto independence, and China could continuously kick the can down the road all while being deterred from attempting to reunify the island with the Chinese mainland by force.

It served the interests of all parties, and at minimal cost. Abandoning that policy was needless and foolish; making affirmative attempts to provoke China through stunts like the Pelosi visit is simply courting trouble.

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