DeSantis knows that knee-jerk aggression is not going to offend his base, much less Team R bigwigs.

Seems DeSantis learned his lesson when he tried to push back on the insane Washington consensus in Ukraine.

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I used to be an advocate of nuke energy. Then Pilgrim Nuclear power plant closed after producing E for over 30 years on the ISO New England grid. When it closed the company handed off the plant and on-site waste to another company to deal with. This company wanted to start " the clean up" operation by dumping the thousands of gallons of low grade nuclear coolant waste water into Buzzard Bay on Cape Cod. The experts say slowly diluting this nuke waste into the bay is not a problem but as you can imagine local residence that took full advantage of 30 years of this low CO2 producing E are -NIMBYers-.

Currently some energy producing companies bought rights to build out off shore wingd E off the coast line of Southern NE. They would like the cables to landfall here on cape cod. This green E will supply millions of homes/ businesses with E for decades but: yup, lots of NIMBYers are fighting this with passion. We use it. We need it. But we don't want to pay for it or put it thru our back yards. - - the NIMBYes-

Many folks IMHO don't think things through. And don't want to be disturbed or make minor sacrifices. No sense of social responsibility. It's disheartening.


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I'm of the mind with the Chinese. Do do business where you can and keep you nose out the rest as best you can. I wish we'd quit pretending Israel is some great democratic shining star. (Of course, Id say the same for us.) And all our military alliances in the Mid East, however formal or informal, always end in breeding terrorism and wreaking havoc. It is clear to me--DeSantis is another tired page from a VERY boring yet dangerous playbook.

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No nukes: ouch! your defenseless against the hegemonic nations.

Sol'n: no nukes in a multipolar world. Respect other nations solvency, traditions, mimes, culture, etc. Otherwise we'll always be on the brink of nuclear inhalation.

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