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I suppose Trump could be a shameless warmonger (he certainly was) but at the same time, a marginal improvement over his own appointees in the form of Haley, Bolton or Pompeo, or, for that matter Biden or any Team D replacement.

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He shot himself in the foot for re-election by bringing in all the neocon swamp creatures to run shop for him. He does not deserve a second's consideration for a second bite at the apple.

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What are we to do then?

I'm certainly no Trumper, even going so far as to vote for Biden in 2020 in order to deny Trump a second term. But what to do in 2024 if the choice is between the inevitable pro-war Democrat and a Trump who claims to be antiwar but we know is not?

At least voting for Trump would allow us to express an opinion on the matter. In the past I've resolved this by voting 3rd party but it may be hard to pass up the opportunity to vote for a candidate that claims to be antiwar and actually has a chance of winning

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