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Daniel- Thanks for again clarifying this issue for your readers. It seems we are constantly being neo-Conned by the MSM on most national security issues.

As for the Biden administration, the jury is still out on whether he really represents a break from Trump’s foreign policy. It’s not just his position on the JCPOA, but his ongoing support for the Saudi war and blockade of Yemen, our continuing occupation of Syria, the slow pullout from Afghanistan, his full support for Israel and its belligerent actions against Iran and Syria, and his cranking up the Cold War with China and Russia.

So it goes: Defense spending? Guantanamo? nuclear weapons? immigration? sanctions on Iran-Syria-Venezuela? Ukraine and NATO expansion? Julian Assange? It all seems obvious to me.

Biden’s rhetoric looks to appease the Dems progressive wing but his actions to date are little different from what we got from Trump and Pompeo.

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