I'm disgusted that we even have an Office of Foreign Assets Control (with no telling how many overpaid bureaucrats). I had a friend post this week, "Thank God we have Joe Biden in the White House." I don't think the suffering of world are any more thankful for him than all his predecessors. When is our moral superiority going to extend beyond empty words and out to millions who suffer under our relentless brutality? I'll draw my own humanity from the departed peacemaker, Desmond Tutu, over Biden and all like him--thank you very much.

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Pure spite.

Even from a naked realpolitik position, it would be smarter to admit defeat and use aid to influence the Taliban than to drive them further into the arms of China.

But even if Biden wanted to, he can't. If he were to acknowledge reality, Team R would pounce and wail about The Sacrifices of Muh Brave Warriors, even though nothing Biden can do will bring them back.

Liberals would gnash teeth and rend garments over Muh Women And Girls, even though they cared not a fig for such things when it was not a convenient justification.

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The US has made itself a pariah state but we are too arrogant to recognize ourselves as such.

Our war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Cold War in places like Korea and Vietnam could be papered over by claiming we were fighting the communist menace, but since the collapse of the Soviet Union that simply doesn't work. When it comes to threats, election interference, coups, black propaganda, drug wars, subversion, invasion, torture, and crushing sanctions on other countries, the US has no peer competitors.

Meanwhile China, and Russia are forging trade and security agreements across Eurasia, and China is becoming the dominant economic power in Africa. As writer Patrick Lawrence recently pointed out "It is Biden’s ill fortune to assume the presidency at precisely the point of inflection when the American empire enters a phase of steep, irreversible decline.”

Pity that we have no politicians of any stature to call this out.

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Are there any advocacy organizations pushing for more substantive sanctions relief in Afghanistan in light of the looming humanitarian crisis? Has anyone in Congress picked up the cause? What is a concerned citizen to do if the answer to both questions is no?

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