Biden is the most reckless president of the modern era. Even the war criminals George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had the good sense to only practice their imperial crimes against 3rd and 4th rate military powers. Biden, on the other hand, has chosen to pick fights with the two most powerful and nuclear-armed states on the planet.

Even worse, we hear not a peep of protest from his Democratic colleagues in Congress. During the Vietnam War Democratic Senators had no trouble criticizing fellow Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, a powerful and sometimes vengeful president. J. William Fulbright, William Proxmire, Wayne Morse, Robert F. Kennedy, George McGovern, Eugene McCarthy, and Frank Church regularly laid into Johnson's war policies.

Today's Democrats can't bring themselves to offer even the slightest objection to a weak and unpopular president. Whether he is continuing the illegal occupation of Syria, bombing Somalia, starving children in Yemen and Afghanistan, or providing billion$ in aid to undemocratic autocracies like Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Ukraine, these Democrats can't offer even the slightest objection. They richly deserve the contempt of the voters this November.

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It not only seems wrong, but catastrophically wrong. I can't imagine that China's response will not be one of a complete encircling of Taiwan to keep us and our weapons out. China has all the strategic advantage while all we have is the will to destroy one country after another until we've destroyed all that is.

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Biden is just fucking up / jumbling what he hears in the meetings where they prop him in a chair and promptly begin to argue for their vested interest right over his head. Like a lot of dementia patients, he just blurts out what he hears being argued over as if it was policy.

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It’s good domestic politics and appeases the foreign policy “blob” for a president to sign up for security “red lines” without having to think through means of possible enforcement later.

Having their mouth write checks their ass can’t cash is a cost-free way of looking strong and decisive before the electorate.

The “blob” and the defense companies (and their investors) basically get a commitment for conflict down the road. When the bluff is eventually called—and eventually it will be—all political pressures are aligned to force a president to back up those red-lines.

We’re still hearing about Obama’s “weakness” for backing down from his chemical weapons red-line in Syria (one of the few correct foreign policy decisions he made—his mistake was declaring it to be a red-line in the first place.)

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At least this time Biden didn't do an April Glaspie.

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