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There’s a lot of discussion about the rise of populism in the US--the causes, consequences, and so forth. Yet this is a case study in why.

This is just a long-term guaranteed bonanza for defense contractors and careerists in the American Middle East policy establishment. Can’t have Chinese defense firms elbowing in displacing them in the Saudi arms gravy-train. Can’t have all this talk from the rabble about isolationism and pulling-out anywhere—time to lock-in ASAP. There’s nothing more to it.

It isn’t the Republican base that wants to be entrenched in a security pact in the Persian Gulf in perpetuity. And it is isn’t the Democratic base that has “shared values” with the autocratic Saudi Royal family.

Yet here we are being signed up for it anyway while we argue about Donald Trump’s stance on abortion and Hunter Biden’s crackpipe

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It seems to me we do share the "values" of the Saudi government. There is little on their list of atrocities that we haven't done and don't continue to do. The only real difference is we just stand in front of the UN General Assembly and lecture the world on human rights.

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Yes, but it achieves two goals:

1. Forestall further Chinese influence and diplomatic success by basically giving the Saudi tyrants a blank check in perpetuity.

2. Give the Biden regime a Big Win that the Trump regime was unable to accomplish.

Everyone wins, but human rights and the American (and Iranian) people, and nobody cares about them.

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The simple fact is, the U.S. foreign policy establishment is "afraid" of Saudi Arabia and always has been, at least since the 1973 oil embargo. The Biden administration feels especially burned by the Saudis, burned and intimidated. Biden wants to believe that he can bribe the Saudis into always "helping" us on oil prices in the future. As long as the the folks in Foggy Bottom believe the Saudis have their hands on the global oil spigot, we'll continue to see this kind of behavior. It has nothing to do with "values" or "interests" or "goals".

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Get your point: stupid stupid stupid idea.

And I:m with ya on this one.


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Mr. Larison, thanks for flagging this story. I called the White House today to tell them that this Blue Dog was utterly confused by these negotiations because it seemed absolutely insane to sign such a treaty with Saudi. (Not that I expect it to do much, but you hear that enough people calling can move the needle, sometimes...)

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