The Saudi coalition has massacred civilians from the air many times in the last seven years, but they have never faced a single sanction for their crimes.
If Biden continues on his current course, his foreign policy will be remembered mostly as a series of missed opportunities.
No doubt he would be both annoyed and amused to see his name invoked as an authority by warmongers.
It is not as if maintaining the illusion of future membership for Ukraine and Georgia is doing these countries any favors.
This is what always happens when the U.S. uses the economic weapon against other countries.
This is difficult for old hardliners to accept, but their way of thinking about this part of the world is hopelessly outdated.
Farkas is proposing waging a war on Russia’s doorstep where they have virtually every advantage.
Hawkish failure to understand why the current crisis is happening makes it impossible for them to find the way out of it.
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